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I'm selling some of the stuff I purchased on my trips to Japan in 2008 and 2010 because I'm travelling to the US this summer for work.
Shipping is from Spain (prices below are without shipping), I will give you a quote if you are interested :-) This is my Ebay feedback. Feel free to make reasonable offers and/or combine items.
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My garage sale!

Silvery Dark
Pourriture Noble
Rose jail
The songs are mixed on my head so I don’t even know if the order above is right, sorry.
He was wearing the new red dress, and halfway through his performance he went offstage for some seconds and they removed the lower part of it so the long elegant dress was transformed into a miniskirt version. From my position on the third row I could see him and his outfit perfectly and I noticed details that I hadn’t seen so far, for instance the beautiful embroidery and patterns on the dress; it is really gorgeous, and the fishnet and lace gloves and stockings match it very well. He was wearing the brown wig again, which suits him really well, it looks so natural (I like it better than the blond Chocolat wig…); and his make-up was amazing, red lips made him look so sexy. At some points he held his “official” fan on his hand, which is pink and feathery, and it looked a bit strange in contrast with the red dress, but cute nevertheless.
Chocolat was first, as soon as the curtain rose, and he was accompanied by Ochi and … (?) as he did the awesome choreography. I was surprised to see that everyone in the audience could follow the super-complex hand movements… too difficult for me! XD I have to train harder.
Silvery Dark was beautiful and full of feeling as always, he stood alone onstage and you could feel everyone holding their breath as he sang. He explained –if I understood right- that it’s a song about feelings that can’t reach others, that can’t be transmitted…
He did several MCs and as usual I understood maybe a 20% but I’ll tell you about it lol; he talks so fast, but he is delightful to listen to. At one point he mentioned that he was glad to be there in Yokohama in that live in which his “rabu rabu darling” Kamijo and Versailles were also participating. It’s such a pity that we didn’t get to see them both onstage at the same time… I was up for some yummy fanservice XD. Then there were lots of funny comments regarding the pink feathery fan. He said it was hot, and some people agreed and they held their fans up so that he could see they had bought it; there was this guy who raised a random black fan, though, and Kaya looked at him saying “that’s not it! That is black, I like my pink fan” or something like that. It’s awesome how he changes voices during the MC, he can even play the different roles in a conversation, making everyone laugh; so a bit later he sounded somewhat more assertive as he told the guy “well buy mine, won’t you!?” XD. He also continued the age comments he had made on the oneman live, about him being “twenty” (well… of course lol); or maybe twenty-one, he said, but in any case not thirty or forty, so we should please stop guessing haha. And then… he reminded us of the available merchandise and of the dates of his next concerts and stuff. Well I would have loved to understand everything, people found it all so funny T_T.
He had many extremely cute moments. For instance, when his skirt was short and his legs were showing, he showed them even more by sitting on a raised platform and making different poses… crossing his legs, then leaning down, shifting position again and so on.
But then, as I thought, there was the BIG sexy moment again before the last song. He had told us that the previous song was last, but then he acted as if he had changed his mind and he said “okay I will stay a little longer~”. He got totally into Rose Jail mood, looking naughty and provoking the audience again. In the oneman he had done it in boy outfit, and now he was doing the same thing in the red dress, and I have to say he looked really sexy too. Everyone struggled to touch him (I can’t help finding the hands that tried to reach his “breasts” amusing… come on people, they are a part of the dress… xD I think… when he is in boy mode he has nothing XD). And then the moshing came during the Rose Jail chorus, but it wasn’t hard this time, just average. Everyone head banged and moved forward.
What can I say, really… I have run out of words to describe how incredibly beautiful he is in every sense. Charming, funny, a good dancer, sexy, an amazing lyrics writer, and well of course that voice… I could forget about everything when I am listening to him. And his talking voice (or I should say… voices?) is awesome too. I’ve joined his fanclub Addict… ^O^
And before the live, I gave a member of his staff a feathery (artificial but beautiful) rose and a letter for him; I really hope it reached him… I brought the rose all the way from Spain. And the funny thing is, Versailles’ Hizaki took the other identical rose with an attached (little) Spain flag that I kept waving during their part of the live. YAY.  

I just lack the strength to describe the Versailles part in detail, but they were amazing, really... ^__^. They played new songs and also the almost-mythical older ones from Lyrical and A Noble was Born in the chaos.
Yesterday I was at Kaya's live in Takadanobaba and I enjoyed it so much! I have made a big effort to describe it thoroughly in this report. Please read if you like him!!


Report: Versailles in Spain!

I am back and I've finished writing this after many hours XD. Please choose your option below!

Moi dix Mois in Madrid - my report

(Pics will come tomorrow. I am exhausted. But I bought myself a new cell phone, a pink Nokia 7373 L'Amour edition; I named it Honey, so I am happy today yay).

(Written in an internet café in Madrid. Pics will be provided in next posts, dears! I have also removed "personal" stuff since I intend this to be an open, not a friends-locked, post)

Moi dix Mois in Barcelona 24.10.07

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Hello! Please have a look at my new "artistic" LJ, [info]pwp_moralist

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I am in Koln now for 2 days. amd then to Dusseldorf and home. I'll post pics of my cosplay soon!!

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